VINAMERICAS is a national wine & spirits importer headquartered in Miami with warehousing facilities in New Jersey, California,  South Florida, and satellite offices in New York and Europe (Spain). We currently represent over 40 boutique family-owned and operated wineries from Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Argentina that produce extraordinary terroir-driven wines with excellent marketability. 

Our clients include wholesalers in 37 states that benefit from the convenience of having stateside inventory available for every brand in the portfolio, while also profiting from the opportunity to buy direct from the source at unbeatable prices.

Our seasoned sales team works closely with our distributor partners in every market to help them communicate our wines' key selling points, design effective sales & marketing campaigns, and establish sales incentives and programs that generate results.




VINAMERICAS operates as a hybrid between a business development agency and a traditional importer.  Our average gross margin is significantly lower than the industry standard, which allows our suppliers' products to reach consumers at a very competitive price.